Welcome to Calm Babies

Calm Babies is a baby sleep consultancy that offers consultant services Australia wide. In Melbourne we are able to offer an in home service on sleeping issues or breastfeeding problems. Our phone consultations can be offered anywhere in Australia. Our expert sleep settling and lactation advice service was created to help those in need in this specialized area. We established this service out of a genuine love of babies and compassion for families who are experiencing difficulty in adjusting to the issues they may face as new parents. You are not alone in having these issues but rest assured, with the right assistance, techniques and patience we can help you and your baby.

At Calm Babies, we understand the importance of sleep for both you and your baby. Sleep helps your babies mind and body to grow whilst rejuvenating them and establishing sound lifelong habits. Not to mention giving you the chance to also breathe, rest and rejuvenate too. Having a healthy baby that is rested helps all concerned and the end result is usually a happy and far less stressed family and home environment.

Our founder, Carmel Morabito is a qualified Mothercraft nurse with over 15 years experience working with newborns and children up to the age of 5 years.


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Our areas of expertise are:

  • Providing assistance with sleeping issues.
  • Offering breastfeeding advice and assistance.
  • Developing tailored routines to care for your baby.
  • Establishing healthy sleep and feeding patterns.

Importantly, our consulting service is all done in the privacy of your own home, where you and your baby are most comfortable.

Some common problems we can help you with include:


  • Baby not sleeping during the day and waking during the night
  • Baby only having short naps and waking tired and grizzly
  • Baby will only fall asleep if rocked to sleep
  • Baby is sleeping in your bed because he won’t sleep in his cot
  • You are having difficulty establishing a good routine that fits in with your family life


  • Baby not latching correctly
  • Sore nipples
  • Demand feeding is leaving you exhausted and out of routine
  • Mastitis
  • Understanding your babies reactions if they’re not getting enough at feeding time.

To compliment these programs, our consultant Carmel, will provide ongoing support via a free telephone service in the weeks following our visit should you require any further advice or just some reassurance.

Carmel has worked closely with birthing couples and new parents for the past 15 years.

carmel morabito as seen on the project - calm babies