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In-Home Baby Sleep Consultation

In-Home Baby
Sleep Consultation


In-Home Baby
Sleep Consultation




Over my 30 year tenure I have proudly supported over 10,000 families empowering healthy sleep habits and reading baby sleep cues to set up a positive sleep environment, ultimately leading to the entire family being gifted restorative sleep.


Enjoy reading some of the success stories from our Calm Babies families.

Conquer Early Rising: Proven Strategies for Tackling Early Morning Wake-Ups
Carmel Morabito

Conquer Early Rising

Conquer Early Rising: Proven Strategies for Tackling Early Morning Wake-Ups Are you struggling with your child’s early morning wake-ups? Early rising can upset family routines

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Meet Sarah

“…The moment I hear anybody talking about sleep or babies I just instantly recommend her and her name. Just what she’s done for me, I really want to share what with as many people as I can.”

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Have questions or want to learn more? The best thing to do is to contact me or request a call back, and I can take you through how everything works and how I can help you and your family get better sleep.

The majority of my work is conducted in Melbourne, Australia. You can contact me via email or phone if you have any questions or comments about a baby sleep consultation or lactation consultation.
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