Meet Sarah & Ethan


For me, having twins is a daunting prospect.  How was I going to take care of 2 little (and I mean little!) babies by myself when my husband was at work?  All the literature was telling me to demand feed.  Having a baby perpetually feeding was not something that I wanted to do.  My worst fear was having one baby ready for a feed half an hour after I had finished feeding the other.

In saying all that, due to a couple of well meaning midwifes at the hospital, we came home with twins that were on different feeding and sleeping schedules.  This was not working for us.  Neither my husband, nor I had time to eat, let alone sleep. 

We needed help – and fast! You were amazing!  You got us into a great feed/sleep routine that fit in around our lives.  You listened to my wish list and set up a routine that suited me (and the babies).  You also showed me how to have both twins fed and back in bed in an hour (an hour and 15 on a bad day).  I can’t tell you how much you did for our family.  The twins now sleep and eat at the same time and I get enough sleep to power through the day.  I even get to eat dinner with my husband!  

You gave us our lives back!  Thank you so much!

Catherine Roubos