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My now 13 week old daughter and I were on the 7pm Project.


It was a shame that they only showed a little piece of what went on when I had Calm Babies help with my daughter’s sleep habits. Carmel taught me how to read my baby’s sleep cues. I now have a very happy baby that goes to sleep when I place her in her cot, and I have the confidence to re-settle her if she wakes up not having enough sleep.


I used to be a stressed out mother whose only way to get her baby to sleep was to rock her. I would then place her in her cot and she would wake up, or wake up later and not know where she was (as she had not fallen asleep there).


I have watched plenty of educational DVD’s on sleeping and settling a baby and have read every book and internet page.


But to have Carmel by my side, to show me how to put it all together and to tailor a routine that worked for me and my baby was priceless.