Meet Henry

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Many thanks a million times over,
Catherine and Don Feast


Henry is our first baby, I don’t think anything or anyone could prepare you for the challenge a new baby brings. It was challenging in every way imaginable. Henry slept ok during the day for a little while but after only a couple of weeks he stopped sleeping in the day. He would go down without too much fuss first thing in the morning but wake after only 40 mins, sometimes 20 mins of sleep and be impossible to settle again.


From then on the days just got worse, we were lucky to get any sleep out of him and the sleep he did have was in our arms. We were exhausted from holding him all day and struggling to enjoy new parenthood. Henry then became so overtired that he was also struggling to sleep at night, it was very tough. After 3 months we started searching for better strategies to the ones we had already tried (the hours we spent beside his cot patting him..!) and that is when we came across Carmel.


From the moment I spoke to Carmel I felt better, she was very supportive and took the time to understand our situation and Henry. Carmel stayed for two feed, play, sleep cycles and the difference was incredible. Although we weren’t able to settle Henry after he woke in his first sleep the second was a different story, not only were we able to resettle him we had to wake him to feed him! In the week following Carmel’s visit Henry has consistently had a couple of two hour (sometimes more) naps and a one hour nap each day, he is also going to bed at 7:30 at night, having roll over at 10.30 and most nights sleeping until 7am. The best thing about Carmel’s visit (other than Henry sleeping of course) was the confidence she gave us to know what to do when Henry was upset, confidence was the key. We are now loving being parents and Henry is so much happier, instead of tears we get smiles!


We could not recommend Carmel more highly, every new parent needs a Carmel in their life!