Meet Bodhi

Phone Support

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to Calm Babies in assisting our 6 month old, Bodhi with his sleep and settling routine.


When I first called Carmel, I was at breaking point; sick, stressed, sleep deprived and feeling helpless. Bodhi’s relentless night waking, and his inability self settle, had taken its toll on our entire family.


That’s when I decided to engage Calm Babies phone support service.

Carmel’s friendly, personable, and empathetic manner immediately put me at ease and made me feel hopeful that things could, and would change.


We were amazed to see positive results in only the first day of following Carmel’s expert advice. She made herself available to answer any questions or concerns, and provide reassurance around the clock – and all in the comfort of my own home.


In two short weeks, I have learned so many invaluable tips and lessons on getting Bodhi onto a solid routine that works for all of us, and how to read his tired cues and cries.

I now have the confidence to re-settle him at any time of day/night, and have the tools to manage even the trickiest of curve balls thrown!


The end result? My little boy is happy, can self settle, and we are all sleeping through the night.

I now have a new lease on life and can get on with truly enjoying my beautiful little boy.

I can’t recommend your services highly enough. Thank you for for all your help – I am forever grateful


Kindest regards,

Sophie, Ben, Leila & Bodhi