Meet ARI

Phone Support

Ari is a 5 months old. He was a boy that would only cat nap for 45 minutes during the day and woke irregularly at night no matter what we did. This was not sustainable as we were continuously stressed and exhausted. It was at a time of desperation when we contacted Carmel and have been so grateful we did especially after having another so called professional come into the home, who basically told me to do what ever works, despite explaining that nothing we did was working.


It was a relief to finally be given some advice that provided a plan of action and some very simple strategies that worked. Straight away there was a significant improvement as Ari joined two sleep cycles together and it only took one night of a few tears before we were sleeping from 7 pm till 5.30 am with a dream feed and no other wake ups in between.


What made the difference was that Carmel came over 2 feed, sleep periods and really confirmed what we already new about Ari, but showed us how to manage him in a way that worked for him. We now have a boy who is happy, rather than grumpy all the time and one who has 2-3 sleeps a day between 1.5 to 2 hours each and and night he sleeps from 7 pm to 6.30 am. He no longer cries when being put down and we can now even have some fun at bed time with smiles, nose kisses and tickling before we walk out of the room. He even wakes now and chats to himself until we come in rather than screaming the roof down. What a relief, I was really starting to dislike being a mother, but now I am loving it and I am loving spending time with my son. It has probably taken one and a half months to get to this stage but perseverance, consistency and having a set routine and structure around sleep has really worked for Ari. 


I don’t think we would have managed if it wasn’t for this support.