Meet ARI A

Phone Support

I was hesitant to ring ‘Calm Babies’ as I didn’t want to hear my baby cry for hours whilst control crying (which is what I thought would happen).

I had a very unsettled 4 month old baby who was only sleeping after I rocked him for at least 45mins to 1 hour. We were also co-sleeping and I wanted to break the habit and have him sleep in his own room with minimal fuss and crying. I was sure the road to recovery was going to be hard. I was wrong.

I was pleasantly surprised with how down to earth, compassionate and understanding Carmel was. She could read my baby and ultimately interpret what he was ‘saying’. The best part was she taught me how to read the signs too and respond appropriately. I felt comfortable after she left as we kept in contact over the phone whenever I needed some reassurance or advice on settling techniques.

Within 72hrs Ari was a new ‘perfect’ sleeping baby. He now settles himself to sleep and there is no fuss or rocking in my arms. He even sleeps through the night!

IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! I didn’t think it was possible that I could have so much time during the day AND have my nights back with my husband. Ari is a much happier baby and I regret not ringing earlier.

I recommend Calm Babies to anyone who wants to establish good bedtime and sleeping patterns for the future.

Thank-you so much Carmel, you should change your name to ‘Angel’! You have seriously done what I thought was the impossible.

Jane Anagnostopoulos