Meet April


If I could shout from the rooftops to help anyone that is experiencing even the slightest sleeping problem with their baby I would. I was blessed to be born with such an amazing baby. I would put her in her cot when she was little and off she would go to sleep. Even my sister was envious of me and I was pretty proud of my baby. At around 4 months things all changed for us. She started to cry when I would put her in her cot and she would need help to get to sleep? I had absolutely no idea how to help her because I didn’t ever need any settling techniques. My sister used Calm Babies and I had seen how amazing Carmel was with her baby, what a dramatic improvement. So her baby was now the angel and mine was the one needing help. My sister said to me that I should use Calm Babies but I was a bit hesitant thinking “I had this under control and I’m sure she would change back and get better again”. But no, this was not the case. Slowly but surely, more and more sleeps became harder and I was getting more and more stressed. 


I also had done research and heard mothers experiencing problems with their night sleeps and thought I was being a bit of a Drama Queen asking for Carmel to come in and fix up a few sleeps in the day that weren’t working? April would sleep for shorter periods and then if she woke up midsleep I couldn’t get her back. Also, it took her more than 20 mins of grizzling to get her back to sleep. I tried to adapt the things that my sister had been told through Carmel but as ALL babies are different these didn’t seem to work. In the end I rang Carmel and we set up a time to come out.


So the time arrived and Carmel, who I might add was so personable and lovely and made my husband, baby and I feel so comfortable . Carmel explained to me that it was good that I called when I did, because as much as I only had issues with the day sleeps eventually night sleeps would be affected. Carmel stayed for most of the day and by the time she left I felt so much more confident and able to help April get back to sleep. I couldn’t believe it. I thought to myself I knew that this wouldn’t be a quick fix and that within a few weeks she would be sleeping ok. But I have to say it was like a magic wand was waved above the cot and the very next day there were remarkable improvements. We have still got a little bit of work to do but its only week 3 and April’s sleeps are about 95% successful. Carmel also had great tips and advice to give when we were out and about with the pram and how to get our baby to sleep outside of her environment.


It seriously is the BEST thing that I have ever done for my baby. We are all so much happier in our house now. If you’re even thinking about getting help i suggest you do it. The best thing money can buy is a happy mum and a happy bub.



Charnie, Adrian and April