In Home Consultations


If you live in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, Calm Babies can offer a program run in your own home. We come to you and provide one on one assistance, education and advice. If you live outside of Melbourne or in another state, click here for Phone Consultation. We run day, afternoon and evening lactation services and baby sleep settling programs. Each program is tailored to suit the needs of you and your baby to achieve the outcome desired. During these sessions, we will outline and help you implement various strategies and methods to use and continue after we leave. Each session is normally conducted over a 5-6 hour period. This way we can be with you for 2 sleep or feeding cycles and ensure that you are confident with implementing the new strategies we have armed you with. Most other services like ours will only stay with you for 2-3 hours at a similar cost to our extended stay. For babies over 6 months old, shorter stays of 2-3 hours are often suitable. This is offered at a reduced cost to our longer stays. For breastfeeding issues, we will talk to you about your problems and then offer appropriate education, advice and assistance. For sleeping issues, we consider your baby’s sleeping arrangements and environment. We then aim to provide you with solutions, education and practical skills to help you quickly and calmly settle your baby to sleep. We will teach you how to:
  • Read your baby’s tired signs
  • Settle your baby calmly and quickly whilst teaching your baby to self settle
  • Use different strategies when needed, to settle your baby
  • Establish healthy sleep routines that fit in with your family life