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Meet Carmel Morabito,
Founder of Calm Babies.

Spanning over 30 years of experience within the nursing industry, Carmel is a proud mother to Chloe and a blessed stepmother to daughters Ava and Miah. Sporting an enthusiastic passion for helping families pave their way in navigating newborn days and beyond; ensuring each family receives the restorative sleep they rightfully deserve while instilling confidence in all parenting styles.


Over her 30-year career caring for babies and children, Carmel has worked across multiple Day-care centres, Special Care Nurseries, and with some of Melbourne’s leading hospitals within the Mother & Baby units.


Supporting more than 10,000 families across her career, both on a local and global scale, Carmel successfully founded Calm Babies in 2009 and continues to be one of the most sought-after Mothercraft Nurses.


Carmel prides herself on working directly with her clientele and is dedicated to tailoring personalised support programs and building nurturing foundations, ranging across:

  • New parent support
  • Postpartum guidance
  • Breastfeeding
  • Nap transitions
  • Appropriate wake windows based on your baby’s age
  • Healthy sleep routines
  • Confidence in navigating parenthood
  • Teething & sickness support
  • Supporting experienced parents seeking solutions for their growing abode.


Throughout my career, I have worked in daycare centres, special care nurseries, and mother/baby units in some of Melbourne’s leading hospitals. This experience has given me extensive knowledge in caring for premature and newborn babies, providing lactation advice to new mothers, and guiding and assisting parents who are having a hard time establishing a healthy sleep routine for their babies.


At Calm Babies, I am dedicated to providing personalized support and empowering families for healthy sleeping habits.


Whether you’re a new parent struggling with sleep or breastfeeding issues, or an experienced parent seeking new solutions, I am here to help you and your family get the rest you need.

Carmel recently sat down with the team at Tell Me Baby. talking all things babies right through to toddler sleep and the importance of parenting community, the interview includes strategies offering some great tactical support alongside some great advice.



Hello there,


Thanks for scrolling on by. My guess is that you are looking for some further support to assist you with this season that you are currently in?


A heartfelt congratulations on your new bundle of joy! While it is such a special time, it too can feel overwhelming at times!


As both a Mother and Stepmother myself, I can resonate with the overwhelming feeling that comes with trying to seek out advice and support as a new parent. There are so many mixed opinions layered with a multitude of many different views.


I am here to tell you, that I can assist you. I can help you cut through the noise and establish a healthy routine to suit your family’s requirements.


I’ve proudly assisted over 10,000 families across my 30-year career, engineering programs to suit specific needs including sleep routines, lactation support and implementing the right wake windows for your baby. I pride myself on taking the time to understand your requirements, respect your boundaries and beliefs and customise a program that you can confidently apply to your family routine and in turn ensuring you feel empowered.


I offer a range of comprehensive services that will become your toolkit and will work directly with you to ensure your goals and desires are achieved.


I have a natural passion and flair seeing families succeed with their calm babies and it warms my heart to have returning clients who trust in my program.


If this is sounding all to enticing, please book a phone consultation with me today, and we can navigate this journey together to ensure you are creating a safe, happy and healthy environment for your family.

C. Morabito

Carmel Morabito
Founder of Calm Babies.


Empower yourself and find out more about the Calm Babies programs today. 


Over my 30 year tenure I have proudly supported over 10,000 families empowering healthy sleep habits and reading baby sleep cues to set up a positive sleep environment, ultimately leading to the entire family being gifted restorative sleep.


Enjoy reading some of the success stories from our Calm Babies families.



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In 2011 Carmel Morabito featured on Network 10’s popular television program ‘The Project’, as an expert Mothercraft Nurse and Infant Sleep Consultant.

Frequently asked questions

I am a qualified Mothercraft Nurse (Mothercraft nurses are enrolled nurses (not qualified to give medication ) who practise only with newborns. They provide nursing care and assist parents in providing care to newborn infants) 



With over 3o years of experience working in Special Care Nursery and mother baby units as well as running my own business I have supported over 10,000 families over my tenure.


I believe my results speak for themselves as I am confident in what I teach. I know my programs work because they are tailored and individualised to each family I work alongside.


There are two ways to  work together.


Depending on your location, situation, requirements, and child’s age, Carmel will recommend either a phone consultation or an in-house visit.


The length of the visit will depend on the age of your child.

Traditional sleep schools offer set programs where you must leave your home and be in a clinical environment. My approach is to support you in the privacy and comfort of your own home. 


Sleep schools are typically covered by Private Health insurance, please note Private sessions are not currently covered at this stage.

Babies grow and flourish when their needs are well met, they thrive when they know what to expect. We know that when parents follow a feed, play, sleep routine of daily care their babies cry and fuss less and are easier to care for when they are awake. 

Upon first consultation, Carmel will individualise all programs based on the family’s beliefs and comfort levels.

With sleep programs, consistency is key, without the confidence and support from you the parent or guardian, the program cannot work, ensuring that each program is tailored to you.

Responsive settling is the most effective method.

Carmel will individualise a program based on your family’s needs and comfort levels, refraining from using the ‘cry-it-out’ method.

Absolutely, when working with Carmel you can be rest assured that all discussions remain highly confidential.


Carmel respects high level privacy, so much so,  Carmel’s vehicle has no branding or logos to ensure discretion with this service at all times.

Newborns right through to 3 year olds.

Calm Babies kindly understands this happens from time-to-time. The client will be encouraged to pause the program and Calm Babies will reinstate the program and training once the baby is feeling better.

Craving more info?

If you are curious or even slightly tempted at getting your families sleep back on track, please get in touch.

> Are you wanting to feel more empowered with your parenting?

> Are you wanting assistance in getting your baby into a positive sleep routine?

> Do you require additional support with breastfeeding?

> Do you crave assistance in helping calm your baby?


I am here to support and guide you on this exciting journey of parenthood.

Being based in Melbourne, I am accessible and flexible to work around your location.

No matter where you are in the world, I offer support near or far and I look forward to hearing from you.

Call Carmel: 0407 454 518

Email Carmel: carmel@calmbabies.com.au

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